Hi! I'm disj0inted, a self-taught digital artist creating illustrations, designing characters, writing stories, and dabbling in 3D sculpting.Thank you so much for your interest in my work. Be sure to follow me on your favorite platform so we can keep in touch!


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she/hermoon witch

About Me

Hi! I'm Sam, a self-taught digital artist creating illustrations, designing characters, writing stories, and dabbling in 3D sculpting.Outside of creating art, I am a mother of two feisty tiny humans and a jaded old dog. My life is a whirlwind of precious and adorable, quirky and laughable moments that inspire my creations.

🖤 Training my dog
🖤 Tinkering with coding (HTML and CSS)
🖤 Reading books (+audiobooks!)

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To order a commission, read the Commissions Pricing and Terms of Service and fill out the form.For art trades and all other inquiries, the best way to contact me is to use the form below, or message me directly on discord:

Alternatively, you could message me on your favorite social media platform, but response time may be a little slower.




All prices listed are USD.

  graphite ink cell shading painting

additional fees 
complexity (wings, intricate markings, etc.)+10-70%
each additional character+60%

Please read my Terms of Service and Frequently Asked Questions before ordering!



Terms of Service

Section I: Image Copyright and Guidelines

  • I, the artist, retain full and exclusive rights to the original artwork. The client may not claim it as their own or use it for anything other than personal use.

  • Commercial usage. Redistribution of my artwork for use in printed merchandise or as promotion of goods, services or social media pages is prohibited. If you are interested in commercial works, please inquire directly.

  • Printing. Clients may print any artwork they have purchased from me for personal use. This includes, but is not limited to: art prints, t-shirts, textiles, coffee mugs, automobile wraps, etc.

  • Sharing on Social Media. Any of my art may be posted online with credit only. Please @ me on whichever platform you're posting on. Links back to my page are preferred and greatly appreciated.

Section II: General

  • Wait Time. Approximately 1-4 weeks depending on queue; more complex orders can take longer.

  • Deadlines. If you need your piece within a certain timeframe, please message me before ordering to confirm I have space in my queue. Rush fees may apply.

  • "Why are you posting other things when I'm waiting on my commission?" I actually have my social media posts scheduled months in advance. Most of what you're seeing on my pages are things I finished previously. Please be assured that commissions take priority in my queue.

  • Completed works are posted in my galleries, unless otherwise requested on the order form.

  • Step-by-step progress updates are available upon request.

  • Provide all commission information prior to payment.

  • I reserve the right to decline any order.

Section III: Process

  1. Client fills out the Commission Order Form.

  2. [optional] If additional information is needed or possible fees apply, Artist will reply directly to discuss.

  3. Artist sends invoice to Client.

  4. Work starts after payment is received.

  5. If progress shots were requested on order form, they will be sent as completed.

  6. Completed order is sent via email. Standard formats include: full-size file (300 dpi), web version (up to 1080x1080 px, 72 dpi), pixel version [icon orders only] (200x200 px, 72 dpi, and/or 100x100 px, 72 dpi)

Section IV: Payment

  • Payment Methods. Currently accepting: PayPal only

  • Refunds. There will be no refunds after work has begun.

  • Timing. Please wait until you receive an invoice to send your payment.



Frequently Asked Questions

Section I: Digital Art

  • Tools iPad Pro 12.9", Procreate, Adobe Photoshop 2021

  • Canvas Size My default canvas sizes are printing resolution (300 dpi). I switch between A4 (210x297 mm) and equivalent to a regular sheet of paper (8.5"x11").Please make a note when ordering if you require different sizing.

Section 2: Education

  • Where/How I Learned to Draw One of my earliest memories is my entire family excitedly discussing how identical my drawing was to the TV freeze frame. From then on, I've drawn as often as I could to try to hone my skills. I feel I've learned the most from watching others draw, then adapting those techniques into what works for me.

  • Inspiration Early on, anime/manga was my biggest influence. Over time, I've been inspired by many online artists, comic series, and other media. Those I feel most influenced my work: Naoko Takeuchi, loish, Artgerm / Stanley Lau, Frank Miller, and everything written/created by Neil Gaiman.

Section 3: Resources

  • "Can you teach me how to draw?" I don't currently give lessons or have courses available, but hope to make some in the future. Until then, I have a discord server for artists to hang out and share their creations. There's a channel for art resources. If you're interested in joining, message me on discord (disj0inted#0929)!

  • Where do I start to learn how to draw? Draw every single day. Draw anything and everything that catches your interest. For me, I try to balance a combination of practicing drawing when I can and immersing myself in art whenever I'm not actively drawing. As a visual learner, seeing actual speed painting / drawing process videos on YouTube has been a big help. My biggest improvement leaps typically come when I'm working on things I'm excited about, and after I allow myself a [short] break.